TLC5940 pcb stencil

Does anyone know where can I find a TLC5940 pcb stencil so that I can create the board by myself. I want to use it as a PWM with RGB Led’s. I want to also be able to add more then one TLC5940.

Like this one: Welcome -

Is it hard to do the schematics if I can’t find a premade stencil?

I don’t want to buy the board since I want my project to be as much DIY as possible. Time is no factor…

I just used a couple of tlc5940’s for my first Arduino project. Connecting a 5940 is extremely simple: one resistor per 5940 and five connections to your microcontroller.

The only challenge is figuring out how you’ll connect all those LEDs.

If you are interested in keeping this a do-it-yourself project, I can’t imagine an easier chip/interface to design your own PCB for.

Get Eagle, put a 24 pin dip piece on the board and you are halfway there.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions…
James Fraser

Here you go
He has an excellent blog as well.
If you use orcad TI’s site has the files you need.
This chip is becoming really popular apparently. One guy here ( i believe) is building a whole spoke pov system around it. I hope to >eventually< create a wireless/bluetooth auto version. Because these chips can apparently be connected in series makes it possible.

You could also use a generic 28 pin part as a place holder. In my eagle install there’s a library called ‘ic-package.lbr’ that has a DIL28 part. The DIL28-3 looks like the right size as the 5940s that I’ve worked with. Obviously having a nicely labeled part is better. :slight_smile:

I don’t remember if this works or not, but you might be able to copy the part out of my schematic. I created my own footprint/library part in Eagle. It only took about 30 minutes, when I followed the Sparkfun Tutorial on it.