TLC5940 + SD Card with SPI

Forgive my newbness. I'm JUST now getting into the world of Arduino and microcontrollers. (It's been C# most of my life.)

I was able to successfully get a couple TLC5940s working with multiple LEDs (and was surprised at the simplicity). However, I can't find a good answer for my question.

I've seen that you can't daisy chain the TLC5940 (easily?) with another SPI device, specifically a micro-SD card.

Using a Nano 3.0, can I use the TLC5940 and an SD card? I don't want to constantly write to the EEPROM. For what it's worth, it doesn't HAVE to be a TLC5940 if there is another inexpensive PWM option out there to drive 20 - 30 LEDs.

Thanks in advance, Kyle

SPI is not daisychained between different devices, they are run in parallel instead. SCM-MOSI-MISO go to all devices in parallel, then each device "type" (a "type" being a string of shift registers, or TLC5490s, or an SD card) gets its own chip select line. If you have 3.3V devices, a cd74HC4050 can be used to buffer SCK-MOSI-chip selects down to 3.3V, and one gate of a74HC125 can be used to buffer MISO from the 3.3V device back to 5V levels, with the OE/ pin driven by the 3.3V device's unbuffered chip select pin. Add a 10K pullup resistor to the unbuffered OE/ pin so the SPI devices are not selected during the '328P/Arduino reset/bootup time.

Forgive me. I definitely chose the wrong words with "daisy chain." I've seen diagrams of using multiple SPI devices in parallel (as you described, SCM, MOSI, and MISO all going to each device "type"):

If the SD card I'm using is an SD card shield with the 3.3V stuff already on the shield, do I still need the 74HC4050?

I've read about using the 74HC125 as a tri-state buffer for the TLC5940. Is this necessary? If so, how do I wire it up?

Can I not just use pin 10 for the TLC5940 and another/different pin for the SD card's SS?