TLC5940 with 24v LEDs

I'm working on a project that interfaces with a Leviton LVS-8W pushbutton wall plate ( I was really hoping to use a TLC5940 chip to drive the LEDs inside each button, but the wall plate is designed for a 24v supply (LEDs are wired common-anode). Unfortunately, the TLC5940 datasheet says that the LED power supply maxes out at 17v.

I'm expecting that I do not need the TLC5940's current limiting feature (I haven't confirmed it yet, but there must be current-limiting resistors built into the wall plate already). I don't need high current (probably only a few milliamps per LED). I may be able to simply drop my supply voltage to, say, 16v, but I'm afraid this might make the LEDs too dim.

Is there an alternative to the TLC5940 that might work? Any way I can get around the power supply limit? My PCB design is pretty tight already, so I'm hoping I don't have to add a transistor to each output.

Am I just hoping for too much?

A TPIC6x595/6 shift register might work. They also come in SOIC (smd). The TPIC6C596 can switch 8*33volt/100mA. Leo..

There is an application note that tells you how to use this chip with higher voltages, it can be found on this page

Great options, thanks!

@Grumpy_Mike, thanks for the application note -- so far I had only looked at the datasheet itself. That would be a great solution, but I'm afraid I just don't have PCB space to spare.

@Wawa, I wasn't familiar with the TPIC6C595, but it looks like it will do what I need. The priority was switching the higher LED supply voltage without needing additional PCB space. Dimming isn't critical to my design, but some of the shift register PWM code looks promising. If all else fails I can certainly settle for basic on/off control. The ShiftPWM library's website appears to be down (, but I may be able to come up with something similar. Suggestions welcome.