TLC5940 with ENC28J60

Ok, I'm struggling to understand if this can be done or not. Currently I have a 3 TLC5940's running on ports 13,11,10,9, and 3. I would like to add an ENC28J60 Ethernet chip to the mix but I believe its a SPI interface which uses 10,11,12,13 and 2 for chip select. Now I understand you can change the TLC5940 library to use bitbang instead of hardware SPI however, it will only let you change pin 13 and 11, not 10(BLANK). If I want to use the ENC28J60 I have to use hardware SPI which includes pin 10. What is pin 10(BLANK) used for and can it be changed or used at the same time?


Just in case anyone is also looking for the answer to this in the future I found the answer here