TLC5971 led driver and SPI display same spi line

I am using an TI TLC5971 led driver and a 1.5" TFT display that uses the SPI line also. My issue is the tlc5971 doesn't have a CS line. Is there anyway I can run both of these on the Due. I dont have alot of experience with serial stuff so you might need to dumb down your answer :slight_smile:

Use Software SPI for the TLC5971;

This library you linked to doesnt compile for Arduino Due. but im looking at another software spi.

I found the SPIB libary worked for the arduino DUE

Can you post a link to the data sheet, the one I find shows: SDTI 9 1 Serial data input for the 224-bit shift register (SBVS146D –AUGUST 2010–REVISED DECEMBER 2015) I understand it as a shift register, not a SPI. You can bit bang it with two pins. See section 9.2 on the data sheet. This allows you to leave your display setup as is.

Its ok i found the solution to my problem with a softspi library

So maybe post a link to the library that worked for you ?

Might be helpful to others who may have the same problem.

Maybe you should pay attention to the feed before you make aggressive remarks like this. I did post a link about 3 hours ago. Be more attentive next time. I Also marked it as the solution.

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