TM1637 7segments display problem with an Arduino Due

I try to use a Catalex TM1637 4x7 segments display on an Arduino Due and it doesn't work.
I try the same program on a Duemilanove and it works perfectly.
I try to drive the circuit with the power supply of the Due board and with the DIO and CLK on a Duemilanove and it works perfectly with the 3.3V or the 5V Due pin for the VCC. Of course, those 2 arduino boards are connected by ground.
I finaly try to make a 3.3V / 5V buffer with BS170 transistor for the DIO and CLK signals (on pin 2 and 3 of the DUE) and it still not works.
I use the same program with just the good pins assignment beetween the duemilanove and the Due. With "Sérial print" and the led on pin 13, i'm sure that the program works on the Due board.
Do you have ever heard a such problem ? Doest it come from the 3.3V level with the TM1637 circuit or from the high speed of the Due ?
Thank's for all.
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