TM1637 display library (4 digit, 7-segment displays)

The TM1637 display driver chip can be found in various inexpensive 4 digit, 7-segment LED displays. Like this one for example:

I’ve created a “library” for AVR C++ (can be used with Arduino) that lets you use the display. The library is using direct port access. So it’s a little harder to use, but much, much faster as a result. Also more light weight than other existing implementations.

Here’s an example on how to use it:

#include <util/delay.h>
#include "tm1637.h"

int main()
    TM1637 disp;

    uint16_t i =0;
    while (i <= 9999)

    disp.scrollChars("Hello World");


    while(1) {}

The library is available on GitHub:

I’ve also finally uploaded the TM1638 library:

If libs are quite identical you might merge them into a single TM163X lib

Yeah, thought about that.
For now, I want to keep it easy to use/integrate.

But certainly something to think about down the road.