TM1637: Missing 'maintainer' from library SOLVED

Trying to install this library but I can’t get the IDE (1.8.5) to recognise it.

When I go: Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library, I get this error:

Invalid library found in C:\Documents and Settings\m*************e\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\TM1637: Missing ‘maintainer’ from library

I’ve also tried extracting the files and restarting the IDE but it still doesn’t find the library or examples. I’ve seen someone do it happily on Youtube the usual way, so what gives??

SOLVED: As usual as soon as I post the question, I manage to solve it myself. I downloaded an equivalent library from this link instead, and it worked.


I have submitted a fix for this issue to the author of the library:

The fix is to open the file C:\Documents and Settings\m*************e\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\TM1637\ in a text editor and add the following line:


I've seen someone do it happily on Youtube the usual way, so what gives??

The bug was only introduced 17 days ago:

Likely the YouTube video was made before that time.

This is why it's often best to use the release versions of the library when available:

When you download the library from the main page of the repo you get the latest development version. That can be good if you want to help with beta testing, want to benefit from features added since the last release, or there are no release versions but you should not rely on the development version always being stable. In this case your report of this issue will hopefully result in the bug being fixed promptly so it's a good thing in the end.