TM1638 as a dual scoreboard for card game

Hey hope there is someone who can help.
I would like to make my TM1638 a double counter, where each button counts one up at each press along with the diode lights up.

thanks in advance

What I would like is the actual code for this little project for my arduino UNO along with TM1638


OK, so what I think you are asking for is that you have

  • Arduino Uno
  • TM1638
  • Two pushbuttons
  • A diode? LED

You want to assign one push button to each counter and when that button is pressed (and released?) you want the corresponding counter display to increment by 1 (and flash the LED?).
You will also need wiring instructions for everything.

Is that correct?

This tm1638 has 8 diodes and 8 buttons.
my idea is to one button control a diode and a digits so one can count up to 9 on each digits.

And yes to the wiring instructions :slight_smile:

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