TM1638 as a dual scoreboard

Hey hope there is someone who can help.
I would like to make my TM1638 a double counter, where each button counts one up at each press along with the diode lights up.

thanks in advance

Yes, Connect 1 Arduino and you are almost set to go. I would suggest an external power supply because of the LED display load. Here us a link that will help: TM1638 LED controller (80 LEDs max), Keyboard scan (24 keys max) | Mbed


Ok i'm to old for this :slight_smile: cant get in to Arduino IDE ...

You posted on the Arduino Forum and never stated otherwise. Use whatever processor you want, you can even do it with discrete logic!

i'm sorry :slight_smile: What I would like is the actual code for this little project for my arduino UNO along with TM1638

Generally, these categories try to help you do it for yourself, rather than do it ‘for’ you,

The goal being learning.

If you’re really lucky, someone has all the notes and schematic ready to send to you, otherwise, you may get more movement by moving this thread to Gigs and Collaborations.

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