TMC2208 and NEMA 17 circuitry

Hi there, I have been trying to build a stepper motor with a driver board that I have never tried.
I am using TMC2208. Currently I cannot make the motor work. My circuitry is the following:

A1:red of NEMA 17
A2: green of NEMA 17
B1: blue of NEMA 17
B2 : black of NEMA 17
STEP: pin 8 arduino
EN_PIN: pin 9 arduino
VM: + of external power battery (9V)
GND: - of external power battery (9V)

The code is down below

#define EN_PIN    9								// LOW: Driver enabled. HIGH: Driver disabled
#define STEP_PIN  8								// Step on rising edge

#include <TMC2208Stepper.h>							// Include library
TMC2208Stepper driver = TMC2208Stepper(&Serial);	// Create driver and use
													// HardwareSerial0 for communication

void setup() {
	Serial.begin(9600);							// Init used serial port
	while(!Serial);									// Wait for port to be ready

	// Prepare pins
	pinMode(EN_PIN, OUTPUT);

	driver.pdn_disable(1);							// Use PDN/UART pin for communication
	driver.I_scale_analog(0);						// Adjust current from the registers
	driver.rms_current(500);						// Set driver current 500mA
	driver.toff(0x2);								// Enable driver

	digitalWrite(13, LOW);							// Enable driver

void loop() {
	digitalWrite(STEP_PIN, !digitalRead(STEP_PIN)); // Step

I would be happy if somebody can help on how I can make the motor work here. Thanks in advance

One thing that I see it your photo is that there is no connection between Vio on the driver and the Uno nor is there a connection between ground on the driver and ground on the Uno. Those are required connections.

See this page.

And I think that I would connect the dir pin. If not to a GPIO pin then to Vcc or ground. I do not know what happens if that pin is allowed to float. Is there an internal pullup or pulldown? Unless you know for sure, it is unsafe to assume.

Ok I just did that, but it is still not working though

Gives us absolutely no information that we can use to help you.

So I am trying to build the circuit above (in the link) now. I recently connected the ground of the TMC2208 to the ground of the arduino UNO. I also connected the VIO of TMC2208 to 5V of the arduino UNO. The Vmot, and GND (the other one) is connected to the external battery. I will use the DIR pin as well now. I am not sure if I am suppose to use the ENABLE PIN here.
I am quite confused with this driver board mainly because in the driver boards that I used previously there were H-bridges that I had to use. So for instance, there would be IN1, IN2, OUT1, OUT2 for the first H-bridge. Here, this seems to be different. Maybe, I am doing the connections for 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B wrong . Is it the case that 1A, 2A is for the first coil, and 2A, 2B for the second coil ?

I meant 1B 2B, sorry about that

1A and 1B for one coil, 2A and 2B for the other coil. Use a DMM to Ohm out the coils.

A1:red of NEMA 17
A2: blue of NEMA 17
B1: green of NEMA 17
B2 : black of NEMA 17

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