TMC2209 Drivers and Estlcam

Hi, guys. Hope you can give me a hint.
Currently I am planning to build a CNC milling maschine with an Arduino Uno and the CNC Shield V3 from AZdelivery. ( CNC Shield V3 development board for A4988 Step Engine Driver Stepper f – AZ-Delivery ( )
Mostly people use the cheap and common A4988 stepper drivers. I personnaly had and still have a great experience with the TMC2209 on my 3D printer. Therefore I would like to add them on the CNC shield as well.
Unfortunately there is 0 information to find on the setup of the 2209 with Estlcam and or Arduino.
Hope, one of you, could help me with this.

Thank you very much.

Very nice and quiet drivers it are indeed. Running steppers at any speed so quiet that I attached a piece of paper to the shaft to know whether it's moving.

Should be a drop in replacement for the A4988, software wise, of course they're not pin compatible. Enable, dir, pulse. That's what it offers, and that's all you need. Just don't worry about the fancy Serial interface it also offers.

Hello wvmarle
Thank you for your response.
So you say, i can just use them without clipping any pins or further software adjustments?
Thank you

If you can find a module that's pin compatible, that'd be the easiest, but likely you have to do some work there. Look at your modules and you'll know what needs to be done.

Softwarewise I've used them both and they're basically compatible, interfacing just like most stepper drivers.

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