TMC5160TA-V1.0 BOB has ABN encoder inputs how to hook up an encoder to it


I've hooked up an encoder before to a driver but I remember
it had vcc, gnd, ea+, ea-, eb+, eb- connections to it.

I know that absolute and incremental encoders exist.
Based on my little research it seems ABN encoders are incremental encoders.

I can't figure out who this would hook up to a stepper motor if I were to buy one with an encoder hooked up to it:

I get the portion were you can hook it up to the windings
i.e. A+,A-, B+, B- (or in this case it's A1, A2, B1, B2)

The ABN outputs are for the encoder, and I've been scouring the internet to find out how
3 wires will hook up to wires on an encoder (since I've only had experience hooking up encoders with 4 wires (6 including power and ground)). The other mystery is how do I hook up power and ground to the encoder with this driver.

Nothing in the manufacturers datasheet or other sheets clearly explain this. Any help appreciated. Thanks.