TMCStepper.h, Stopping software serial after setup

I have a project that I am using 6 TMC2209 drivers on. They are only required in the "dumb" form ie, apply settings over UART on startup then no more UART comms required.

It uses the building in TMC and software serial functionality with RX pin set to 0 as no return data is required.

Once out of the setup code the TMC class is not called again but I believe there is an interrupt/timer running in the background as the main code is looping significantly slower than with TMC disabled.

I cannot see a way to disable the software UART from the TMC class or am I missing something? Is there an easy way to do this so my main loop runs faster?

software serial functionality with RX pin set to 0

That sets the RX pin to the hardware serial RX pin (pin 0 0n most Arduinos). If the pin is unused, set it to -1.


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