TMP Sensor getting wicked hot

I'm currently working my way through the starter kit and am on project 3 the love-o-meter.

I have checked my code and rewired the project twice but when i plug the USB in the sensor gets wicked hot. My readings are in the mid-high 200 degree C.

Any ideas on what could possibly be going wrong?

Thanks! Madeline

How are you connecting it? Something must be miswired, or mispowered, or not current limited, to be that hot. Post a link to the sensor if possible.

Same thing happened to me when I repositioned my Temperature Sensor, and it was because the polarity was wrong on my wiring, immediately remove power and check all the wiring connected to and around the temp. sensor.

Probably wired wrong way round. If it is aDS18B20, it may survive the trip.