TMP36 and Kids

In short I bought TMP36 got it working...Yay. Then my kid (3 year old) comes along and wants to see what dad is doing. Me thinks "Cool!".
"Touch the sensor, look makes this number change, cool huh?". Not watching my son, quick as a cat, he removes said TMP36 and puts it in backwards.
Mean while I am still watching the Serial output, "That's odd, temp is sure rising...crap" I pulled the sensor in time to burn my finger...
I turned the sensor around, and now the temperature is all over the charts. Put a new sensor in, still all over...

What did he wreck when he flipped the sensor? And if possible how do I fix it?
I am running a Mega.

It shouldn't have damaged anything else with the possible exception of the power supply.

And if possible how do I fix it?

Duck tape his arms to his body.

[nods sagely] Yup, that's the correct engineering approach - always remove the source of the problem, not the symptom. ;D

Well it was plugged into my laptop, but I haven't seemed to have issues with its USB ports.
I am ordering a external power supply to see if that will help.

Well I tried a shock collar first...worked great until Mom got home...Found my self duck taped with the shock collar...LMAO
Just kidding, we all learn some how! His is way is just a pain in my butt...and wallet!


Sounds like you got a budding EE thereā€¦