TMP36 gets really really hot


I am new to arduino. I received my kit along with a sensor pack. I tried the tmp36 temperature sensor and it worked great. I could see the voltage reading really well on serial monitor and it was accurate.

What puzzled me was temperature of sensor. Sensor got really hot and it put a small dent in the plastic breadboard.

I was curious whether it is normal for that sensor to get so hot? Was I doing something wrong?

I connected +vcc to 5V arduino, sensor output to A0 and ground to gnd. That was as per datasheet.

Don't know whether its normal. :-?

No its not supposed to get hot. Its current consumption when working and wired properly is measured in uA so its power usage is next to nothing. I can't see how it can be giving accurate output voltages if its hot. Logically if its hot itself, how can it measure the temperature of its surroundings ?