TMP36 problem reading

Hi all,

I have made a custom board out of Arduino Nano with ATmega328 (not 328p) and using a temperature sensor TMP36 (TMP36GRTZ-REEL7). Whenever I run the code, it gives me -50 Celsius and -58 Fahrenheit all the time without changing. The values are frozen on these two numbers all the time no matter of the temperature. I changed the code twice and still get the same value so I think the code is fine and there's something wrong with my hardware. Fortunately, I have 2 versions of this temperature on my board, one is a SMD and the other is a through hole. The through hole is also showing the same result. I turned it off by cutting the power line on either sensors and it's still reading -50 degrees.
Can you guys help me out please? I'll attach a schematic of my design.

Double check that data connections on your board between the sensor and the arduino and make sure there making a solid connection, otherwise it could be a problem with your code.

I double checked the connections pin by pin and it looks good. I thought maybe connecting it to ADC7 (only ADC function pin) could be the problem? because on the original Arduino boards they connect the Vout from sensor to A0 ~ A5 which are PC1 ~ PC5 multifunction pins.

That could be the problem, however I don't see why it wouldn't work with ADC7, the only other possible cause I think would be the code itself.

Did the sensor report the correct value when you prototyped the circuit before making the custom board ?

Actually, no, I didn't prototype it myself, I watched the videos of people doing it and it worked for them, I used their arrangements and their code.
I was using the micro's internal temperature reader and the accuracy was very poor that's why I decided to use this sensor.
Also, The through hole TMP36 started printing 67.19 degrees after I found a mistake in my pin number declarations and fixed it. But the problem is the temperature here is 24 degrees right now.
And it changes when I tough the sensor and goes up to 74 degrees. So, I think the same problem should be possible with the SMD, the pins are not declared correctly. Let me double check and get back to you with my sketch.

Alright guys, I have the through hole TMP36 working. But when I set the voltage to 3.3v, it's off by +3 degrees C.
My actual design will need to work with 3 volts and when I set the voltage to 3 volts, the temperature output is unstable (it keeps jumping +7 degrees) and the output value itself shows -10C below what the room temperature is.
Here's the sketch:

#include <TMP36.h>

#define SENSOR_PIN    16   //Start sensor
#define SENSOR_PORT()         pinMode(SENSOR_PIN,OUTPUT)
#define SENSOR_HIGH()         digitalWrite(SENSOR_PIN,HIGH)
#define SENSOR_LOW()          digitalWrite(SENSOR_PIN,LOW)

//Create an instance of the TMP36 class and 
//define the pin the sensor is connected to
//If using 3.3v Arduino, change 5 to 3.3
TMP36 myTMP36(20, 3.0); //(pin#, voltage)

void setup() {
serial.begin (9600);

void loop() {

  //create a variable and store the current temperature in
  //celsius in it using the getTempC function
  float celsius = myTMP36.getTempC(); 
  //create a variable and store the current temperature in
  //fahrenheit in it using the getTempF function
  float fahrenheit = myTMP36.getTempF(); 

  //Print the data to the Serial monitor
  Serial.print("Celsius: ");
  Serial.print(" Fahrenheit: ");

  delay(150); // Delay added for easier readings

Alright guys, I figured it out.

When the +VCC is OFF, you'll read -50 degrees Celsius in your COM port. If the power turns back ON, they start reading correctly.

Seems like Atmega 328 is different from Atmega328P because when I replaced the microcontroller everything started to work.

This sensor is powered by GPIO, so that I can shut it down when I don't need it. And replacing the Micro fixed it.

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