TMP36 temperature sensor

I am new at this. I have 3 TMP36 temperature sensors in parallel attached to a 5V regulator and ground. I am passed hooking up the sensor backwards and burning my fingers as most of us learn. But some how after they are hooked up correctly the die and have an output value of 3.8-4.3 volts instead of the .750 @ 25C range. Usually, this happens when trouble shooting, maybe a current spike. Is there a way to protect the temperature sensor without affecting the value out? Diode? The las time this happen they all three were working, plug into analog 0-2 on the Uno. I had a 5VDC on the Vin and switch to 12Vdc since 5 is too low, something happen and they all three died at once.

help in understanding and fixing this from happening again.

TMP36 max vorking voltage is 5.5V You fed them 12 ?? ..sorry. costly experiment.

Well no. At Least I think no. The Vin pin is to power the board rated for 6-12 volts. The Tmp36 sensor were powered by a 5V voltage regulator.

The temperature sensors only had the Vout lead (middle pin) connecting to the analogs pins.

5V and gnd connected (datasheet: PIN 1, +VS; PIN 2, VOUT; PIN 3, GND 0) Pin 2 to analig in. => 0.75V would be a nice indoor value. Near analograwvalue 150