TMS3705 animal microchip reader - success anyone?

I'm trying to get a TMS3705 RFID base station to work with Arduino. I can read back the diagnostic byte from the TMS3705 (0xAF) indicating the antenna is good and I can see the 134kHz oscillation in the antenna if I scope it, but swiping it over a microchipped cat I get nothing. In fact, cat or no cat it frequently reports from one to three 0x01 bytes, but these would appear to be noise. I haven't tried checking the CRC yet - I first need to be able to read some raw data to check.

Has anyone got any further?

Regards - Philip

Is your cat's frequency compatible with the RFID antenna/frequency?

Yes, I believe so. The Wikipedia article on RFID that I consulted before ordering this chip indicates that 134kHz, as used by this chip, is the European standard (I'm in the UK), though there are multiple incompatible standards in the US.

Regards - Philip

A quick Google trawl found this but it may be more complex than your hoping for though you might be able to hack the TMS3705 into the design and use the code to decode it's output.