to be honest....

… this is my first post, so i can post links in the next one.

btw hi arduino frinds! i am new here!

greetings from berlin
Roderic Schuchart

Welcome :slight_smile:

Well hello there!

hello there… where are the links? ;D

Oh well, we might have scared him away… :-X

I think he meant the next post as in the next on he posts, not one directly after this first one… :stuck_out_tongue:

me too.

ahhhh. I just spent 1 hour writing a reeaaallly long post. (well, most of the time i spent looking for the images I was linking to etc. but still)

and then the message appeared that i cant post it. and then I accidentally closed tab.



Ctrl+shift+t re-opens an accidentally closed tab in firefox.

You don’t have to make a post, then another one, to post links. You can make your first post, then go back and edit it to include the links

lol. I’m searching the forum for some subject to talk about for exactly the same reason as the top poster… so I guess this will do. HELLO! ;D

haha same here :stuck_out_tongue: