To Get latitude value in a variable.

Hi guys,
I'm working on my project, but i have a problem. I'm using TinyGPS++ library. I want to memory a latitude value in a variable but It don't work.

       Serial.println("Latitude= ");    
       Serial.println(, 6);  // OK, It works. 
       double temp_lat = (, 6);
       Serial.println(temp_lat);                 // It doesn't work.

Could someone to help me?

double temp_lat =;

Or, following your original print format,

double temp_lat =;
       Serial.println(temp_lat, 6);

If you check though, I think you'll find that NMEA LAT and LON only have 5 places to the right of the decimal.

NMEA format is;


The minutes have 5 decimal places, which is around 7 decimal places when its converted into decimal degrees.

Hi, all,

now it works.

 temp_lat =;

Thanks. 8)