to make a project permanent

I have a project, a pool controller that uses an arduino mega, an ethernet shield with microSD and a 4 relay shield. I would like to make this project permanent. I was hoping to find a way to either create a PCB with the arduino, ethernet/SDcard and 4relays all built in to one board, or create a way to use plugs and cabling between each of the components. I would like an easy way to change out parts and have more dependable connections…not to mention the cluttered look of the wires and bread board.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Hi, what does the breadboard do? (You only mentioned the Mega and two shields, and presumably you have those stacked).

If you don't want to stack them, I suppose you could design a (quite large) pcb on which the Mega and both shields could be mounted side-by-side. The space for the mega would have male pcb headers and the mega would plug into those "upside down" to to speak. Unfortunately the leds and reset switch on the mega would then be hidden. You might also have to make cut-outs for components that stick out on the mega. The spaces for the other two shields would have female pcb headers.

It might be possible to build the whole thing from stripboard, but the double row of headers on the mega might make that difficult. Failing that you will need to learn to design your own, using an app such as Eagle. You can them get the boards made up by various on-line services.