to making oscillators

At now I have problem with selecting adc.
So I look ADS830 ADC08060 AD9283

AD9283 is 80mhz but I have no idea to use it.
Cause it has no clock pin so how could I use it?
And ADC08060's datasheet, does chock mean inductor?
At fig 30,31,32, there is looks like solenoid drawing at top ot the figure but I don't know what it is

I’m really wondering how you plan to use all that data.

Generating it is one thing. So you intend to produce 80 million values a second.

Then you have to read it - so you need a communication channel that can transmit at least 8*80 = 640 million bits a second. I don’t think there’s any serial bus that can do this, so that’s going to be some form of parallel. 8-bit parallel is still 80 MHz clock. That’s huge.

Then you want to do something useful with all that data. Do simple calculations, place it on a display, or write it to some storage medium - whatever. At 800 MHz you have only 10 clock cycles per data point to work with, not much. There’s nothing in the Arduino family of devices that gets even close to that kind of clock speeds.

RPi maybe? They’re operating at a few GHz, sounds like a good start to me.

I don’t think there’s any serial bus that can do this,

Oh, come now!
You’ve probably got several on the device you’re using right now. :wink:

High-speed oscilloscopes don't work continuously. They must be triggered, record some data and then the data is read out to the display at a slower rate.

You can't see a million samples on a typical scope screen so a scope in the megasample range won't record for even a full second.