to MAX3421 or not to MAX3421?

Hi, I was thinking on prototyping a pcb for MAX3421 to come to own usb shield for an Arduino project I have, but hit to the page written: "...This Product Has Been Discontinued":

and well, before that I checked on ebay to find to buy and there I found strange prices, high enough to feel it is now rare.

The only alternative usb host chip I know is the vnc2 of ftdi but as long as I know, there is no ready lib for android on it, so what could be best alternative?

Is any ready solution so that to have a usb shield without this max3421 but to get use of ready libs available for Arduino, or I must manage to implement my own libs for vnc2? (with my knowledge, at least 2 years if not more :))

Any guide please? :)

Manufacturer's site shows it "In production" -> They are available from a number of distributors ->