"To much" connected to ground??

Since I'm getting the problem sometimes (so not all the time) that the software cannot upload to the arduino board giving the:

stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude:

nothing works then such as reset, unplug and wait a minute, restart the computer etc... but when I unplug the wire to the ground pin... EUREKA... it's working again. I got a few LEd displays and a few buttons connected to ground (even split it up over the other ground pins, but I guess they are all connected internally...

so the big question is:

Is it possible to connect to much connections to the ground pin(s)??

or am I missing something else :smiley:

Too many grounds is not in itself a problem, but completing a circuit that draws too much current could be. Make sure that the external stuff you have connected to +5v and ground is not drawing too much current.

It could also be you have a bad physical connection in your wiring. This may be due to something making intermittent contact. Recheck each connection to make sure its properly connected.