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I need help in programming a Arduino code


Good luck.

How is the Arduino going to know what time it is?

When is our project due? This looks suspiciously like a homework assignment.

Start like this. Find a simple example of a sketch which handles an RFID reader and one which handles the LCD display, get these working separately, then join the two together. Progress from there.

I need help in programming a Arduino code

LawL :slight_smile: thats it! that's what you are going to introduce your idea like!?

The RFID reader/writer should verify the card placed and if it is valid the lcd should display the text as “processing” or else it should display “invalid card” and the RFID reader and writer should send the respective signal to the Arduino

What does "should" mean? On of the annoying things I see time and again in specifications is when they are written without clearly demarcating what the external hardware will do from what the arduino is required to do.

"The RFID reader should send the respective signal to the arduino." Are you (whoever wrote this) telling me (the programmer) that I am also writing some code for the RFID reader, and that I must produce code to make it do this? Am I being told that we expect that the RFID reader will do this, but god only knows what it is actually going to do and I'm expected to deal with that? Or did the writer of this spec simply mean 'will'?

Oh, and what's with this LCD? Does the RFID reader/writer operate it? Because the way this is written, it's the card reader driving the LCD and incidentally sending a signal to the arduino. What would normally happen is that the card reader sends a signal to the arduino and the arduino drives the lcd. The block diagram is no help.

The writer of this spec needs to learn the english language modal prepositions: should/shall, could/can, might/may, would/will, ought. They have shades of meaning to a native english speaker, but we don't really need all of them.

Use 'will' when talking about something that the environment external to the ardiuno is going to do. "When an RFID card is presented to the reader, the reader will send a valid card signal or an invalid card signal to the arduino".

Use 'must' or 'should' for something that the program is required to do - "when the RFID reader sends an invalid card signal to the arduino, the arduno should display 'invalid card" on the LCD". 'Must' is a non-negotiable requirement. 'Should' means there's a bit of wiggle-room. I use 'should' here, because maybe a different message might be appropriate.