To see names not icons. (on behalf of @alto777)

as requested by @alto777

"I would prefer to see names not icons"

Do you think it's important to have this?

  • YES, I want to see names not icons
  • No, it's not important

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Screenshot from 2021-04-18 11-55-33

Yes, you can get to the information, but it's not at a glance and it's complicated if poster does not have a nice Pizza as an icon :wink: or something you can recognise easily

(and hovering does not exist on smartphones and tablets)

I think the arduino community is way too large for icons to be sufficient for identifying people. Especially at the size they are in the post listings. The old way of having OP And “most recent responder” was a good compromise.

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is there copyright on that pizza :smiley:

And when using Google Chrome on an Android phone, the list of posters does not show, only an avatar/icon for the OP.

not for Pizza lovers

here are a couple veggie options for you if you want to join the club


I am of course still biased to preferring the old ways. But this makes me wonder: does it really matter who created it and who replied? Shouldn't the only important thing be the subject of the topic itself? If it's a subject I'm interested in or think I can help with, then I should open it up regardless of who made it.

I used to cmd-F by nickname to quickly find a post by someone I wanted to follow up with. May be not a frequent use.

I also find all those little coloured letters boring, nicknames are more interesting

as requested by @alto777

Do you think it's important to have this?

  • YES, I want to know who originated the post
  • No, it's not important

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isn't the first avatar OP?

I don't know for you but I can't differentiate nor really remember who is who when I see

353614_2 25 25-1 25-2 25-3 25-4

and color blind people will have even a harder time...

and it's hard to search by avatar, I used to hit cmd-F and search for a poster name in the page to quickly access someone's post

details are in 'tooltip'
Screenshot from 2021-04-18 11-55-33

yes, not at a glance.

maybe we should merge this one with the other ask on seing full names instead of icons

I was just about to ask what is the difference between the two. Well, I'll leave it up to you. Feel free to @ me or use the :flag: icon to request the moderators to merge if you decide that's the way to go.

Now merged in response to a request.

THX @J-M-L for these survey. I never seek fame but am happy to front for these important matters :wink:

--> cut and pasted images, nice!

Shutting down last totally night for the first time in months (!) I did uncover a few windows to find this blast from the recent past: I had begun to forget what we once saw.

I have become accustomed to seeing all this information. But maybe I only care about the presentation and choice of items because I could. So perhaps after being deproved of them for some time, I will fully forget I ever did. Care.

Normally I would argue against a cult of personality, but I have found in years of hanging around here a certain satisfaction accruing what knowledge can be gleaned about the more, er, prolific among us.

Which knowledge might subconsciously lead me into (or not) a thread. As does when the last activity was seen.


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