To use RF24Network or RF24Mesh ?

Hi there

I am working on a measuring node network in my house. The plan is to have 1 node in everyroom, and attic, and outside. The measuring nodes should wake up every 5 min. from deep sleep, do the measurements and transmit the result via NRF24L01+ hardware to the masternode, which is a Raspberry pi, that will do the logging and graphing of the data.

My question is now, how do I make the most robust network? Do i use RF24Network and handled the setup of the network by hand? Or do i use RF24Mesh and let the program handle the ID's and routing of the data.

I really would like every node to run on batteries, and be in deep sleep (power down) most of the time, if a node has to wake up in order to route information that is okay.

Which of those programs (i know RF24Mesh uses RF24Network) is best to do this?

Personally i like the mesh idea, letting it handle the node id's routing and all that, but can it handle the sleeping nodes?

You can also use the master to poll the nodes which will wake them up and have them report, which will take care of the sleeping problem.