to write and read SD card with CSV and LCD

I work on the system and the need to read the value on the sd card and display it to the LCD. What I want to accomplish is to Arduino to write to csv, and open files, and display data to the LCD csv. I'm very new to programming and think values ​​will either be a string or array. Please help! thank you

To get you started, break your project into workable pieces: 1. Load and understand the examples how to display text on your specific LCD display, which we don't know 2. Do the same with SD library and accompanying examples 3. Merge the codes into one sketch and test (learn, how to merge independend code) 4. Adjust the sketch to your needs

I am very sorry, but I can not, Are you able to explain with a few examples of the program?

I am very sorry, but I can not,

Then start to learn it.

We all have started at the zero line. Without own effort and input you won't get too much support here.