"Toaster" Feasibility

I am a complete newbie to Arduino and looking for projects to develop my skill. I am hoping to go through the Uno starter kit and work up to a temperature sensor, then a way to turn on/off a resistor coil to maintain a temperature range (approx. 350 C). Can anyone tell me if this is feasible, or if the power requirements exceed the capability or safety of the Arduino Uno board? I understand I will likely have to find a way to supply power from a 120 volt hookup. I would really appreciate your feedback and guidance.

Yes it’s possible , you can drive a relay from An Arduino
Digital output to turn the heater on/off.
You are right to play with the example stuff first though - and don’t tackle anything at this voltages unsure you are competent

Hi voltage can be controlled by a relay (or Solid State relay)
The temp (350+ deg) sensor.. Se http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=134722.0

Your project can surely be done with arduino..

Add a potmeter to adjust your setpoint..?
and a display to show current temp ?

The Arduino itself of course can't power a heater coil, so you need some form of driver hardware.

As you're talking about 120V I assume that's AC mains. Then you need either a relay or TRIAC. Relay is easiest to control and easiest to make safe (it's basically an electrical on/off switch); a TRIAC allows for fine control (phase cutting - like a light dimmer) of the power to your coils and much finer temperature control.