Toe-pressed buttons?

Wasn't sure which forum to put this in.

I'm working on a wearable device with buttons pressed by the big toe, just one on each foot. I've got it prototyped and coded, but I'm having trouble finding the right buttons! Anyone have a suggestion for a button that is thin enough to be worn comfortably under the toe inside the shoe that also gives enough tactile feedback to know when it's been pressed?

Thanks in advance!

I'd probably put an insole in the shoe with a standard pcb button switch (aka arduino reset button) in a cut out hole. Possibly with a small piece of stiff foam over the button for comfort.

Not planning on doing something dodgy in a Casino at the Blackjack table are we ? ;)

Try to Google "membrane switch"

Some of them have a distinct "click" when pressed, and they are rather flat.

Thanks for the replies. It's for a street performance, not blackjack, but I like the way you think :)

I like the look of the membrane switches but it looks like they have to be custom made from what I could find. I'll keep searching.

Put some copper tape inside the shoe. Then put a piece of conducting foam in the toe, the sort they ship ICs in sometimes. Then run some wires to the analogue input and measure the resistance.

Yes, Mikes suggestion is really good.

Just make sure you dont suffer from a bad case of foot sweat :-)

Put a squeaky chew toy in the toe, and use a microphone to sense the squeaking.