Toggle Arduino Reset Line

Is it possible to reset the attached Arduino from a shell on the Yun Shield?

Don't see any reason why not.

Should just be a matter of telling something to take a digital pin low at a predetermined point and then letting the pin go back to its natural state.

On the MKR's there is also a few code functions that allow you to do it too so maybe there is a reset already available.

You would have to look at the full data sheet to find it though and that took me a couple of hours on the MKR.
Which also has a function named "kamikaze" I kid you not.

Use “/usr/bin/reset-mcu” at Linux (Openwrt) shell.

Reset Arduino daily at 3:00AM:

To run ( reset ) once, daily at 3:00AM you should do something like this:

crontab -e
0 3 * * * /usr/bin/reset-mcu

Use php page to reset Arduino:

Install php5 php5-cgi:

nano /www/resetmcu.php

if (isset($_GET[“reset”])) {
    //echo “Reset MCU”;

> ```

Most Excellent. Thanks Sonnyyu!