Toggle switch problems

ive recently gotten alot of toggle switches and ive just soldered wires on a few of them and checked if they work. The result was very weird. The serial monitor showed me (tough i had turned the switch of) that value was jumping back and forth. Does anyone know a solution?

Post your code and describe how they are wired.


Some more detail on how the switch is hooked up to the Arduino would be helpful. If you have it connected to a digital port setup as an INPUT and have the switch connected to ground, or to a Logical HIGH in the “ON” state and OPEN in the OFF state then the “problem” is a floating input on the digital port . A floating digital input will report a changing condition from “signals” it is detecting on the attached wire.

Fix this by setting a pull-up resistor on the digital input port: digitalWrite(pinx, HIGH)

With that done the port will report a HIGH when the switch, to ground, is open and a LOW when it is closed. ( the switch will “bounce” when operated for a short time (<15mS or so) so you may wish to look up how to “de-bounce” the input.


yeah i totally forgot about debouncing thanks :smiley: