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Was that the princess and the pea at the National Bedding Center in the Home Furnishings Market here last month, in which mattress makers revealed enlarged selections of additional thick"high profile" mattresses in a variety of price points.

While the criteria thickness was 7 inches, producers At this marketplace revealed mattressesmeasuring 14 and between 9 inches and a single 15 inch .

Here is sample of exactly what bedding makers showed from the Lone Star State:

KINGSDOWN exhibited a, its Beauty Insignia version 15 inch mattress accompanied by means of a card with all the signatures by the firm.

Thomas McLean, senior vice president of advertising Said,"People who walk and watch it identify it using their grandma's bed. This is the nearest thing to this feather futon mattress which you may encounter. This amount of craftsmanship isn't available on the marketplace nowadays." The collection, which demands sheets were made by custom, is offered via end sleep stores and retails in the $2,500 to $3,000 range to get a queen size. Three new models were also exhibited by the business from $799 to $949 in its own Crown lineup.

Three versions were shown by THERAPEDIC in the Medi Coil premium line The Tri Tec spring support program which includes. Besides the upper and bottom metallic border sticks that framework the springs, the Tri Tec versions have a pole centered between side support wires and others linking all 3 sticks.

The enlarged selection of Tri Tec of therapedic Top coated in a floral damask; the range Odyssey at $999, coated in the Venus at $899, along with a blue, peach and cream damask, with a pink and blue floral damask. The futon mattresses can be found on a regional basis and are approximately 10 inches thick. Costs vary based on the upholstery.

SPRING AIR of Two mattresses, which connect into a promotion offering a free trip. The business also unveiled its Grand Award Series of mid priced"high profile" mattresses varying in depth from 9 to 14 inches. The lineup comprises. People believe that the queen size futon mattress is a key factor

The Take Away comprises the Back Supporter Parisienne. It's a Conforma version, together with the Tri Zone assistance method of polyurethane layers method of levels of stability for back head and leg support. It includes a damask cover and is accessible with a pillowtop. A step down in the Parisienne, Even the Back Supporter Holiday version, is offered in china blue. The futon mattresses fall inside the $499 to $699 selection. Both versions include an open ended spring structure cancel.

SOMMA introduced a version which Includes a coating of atmosphere filled tanks much like those on the water beds of the company. The mattress, which has floral damask is outfitted with a air pump which has a dial for correcting the firmness of the mattress, using high, moderate and low settings. The Sommaire is also available in king size and sells at the $ 1,099 to $ 1,199 scope to get a queen size.

Ron Ainsworth, senior vice president of revenue for Sommaire, Said,"Since you escape bed, and you have been out of wager for approximately a couple of moments, it realizes it begins pumping back and there is simply no sound." Ainsworth explained that mattress"will appeal to those clients who do not want water and wish to an alternate to innersprings."

SIMMONS introduced versions that were classic which Includes a coil structure that is pocketed and in its spiral line.

The Amount of versions from the line that was Maxipedic has been increased from four to eight. The Beautyrest line sells at the $399 to $1,099 scope to get a queen size futon mattress and also the Maxipedic line retails at the $499 to $1,499 range.

The models on the market will retail starting at $699.

SERTA featured its Masterpiece Grandeur Pillowtop, the model that was very best At the Serta Perfect Sleeper ultra line. By incorporating more cable to the premium unit and upping the gauge, the mattress manufacturer added durability and support.

The upholstery attributes patterns produced with a quilting technology.

The business introduced its Perfect Sleeper lineup. The lineup, which comprises four ultra superior beds and three premium, hits at retail price points.

RESTONIC exhibited its Bed of mattress, a version Comforters and other goods made by Fieldcrest Cannon. The best futon mattress sells in the $699 to $799 range.

Chief operating officer of Restonic, william Brey stated, "It is selling beyond our wildest fantasies " Brey noted, "by End of the month, we will maintain complete distribution across the U.S. with this product."

It depends on how important it is that the tokens are genuine and how standard the tokens are.
If it is not important and they have a standard weight then weighing them would be the quickest and easiest way to count them.

I guess we need more details on the chute leading from the bucket ("Chips would be fed from a 5 gallon bucket"). Design the chute to avoid "tokens that fall sideways". Once you have a stream of flat single tokens, a slot optocoupler (interrupter) would work. It would not be placed if the center as tokens touching would not cause a signal change. The sensor would be placed to look through the "triangular" gap along the edge.

Pennies from Heaven;

The first machine is interesting. Pause the video when he turns the machine off. The machine is actually sorting coins but the mechanical design looks like a simple robust one that could be loaded witha bucket of tokens and used to align them and feed them one at a time through a counter.

These folk have made a coin sorter from cardboard, it seems to work really well.

The sorter is feeding coins one at a time from a hopper so again that mechanism could feed tokens one at a time through a counter. It is an interesting idea to mock things up in cardboard before making a final machine and even the cardboard device looks capable of sorting 200 tokens in well under 5 mins.

If you have the tokens passing one at a time down a narrow chute then as @adwsystems suggest you could use optics to count the tokens as, even if the tokens are touching, you should be able to detect the cusp between the circular tokens.

A possible starting point - Coin Dispenser - YouTube