Tolerance on supply voltage motor


I bought the below motor normaly to be supplied with 12 V, do you think i can supply it with 13V or14?

Thank you.

Yes. Motor voltages are basically suggestions. If you supply it with a little higher voltage it will simply take a little more current and go a little faster. You're normally fine within about 30-40% extra.


If you are worried about it you can use PWM to bring the average voltage seen down to an acceptable range. I have a pair of 6V motors I'm running of a 12V battery, but I am keeping the PWM at just a bit over 50% to prevent burning them up.

It will work for a while but it will shorten the long term life of the motor. PWM controls the wattage applied to the motor. Pulse Width Modulation works by controlling the duty cycle. In simpler terms it turns the power 100% on or 100% off, but does that in a regular short “window” During that window of time the power can be on 100% of the time, 50% or 0%. ... So PWM switches the power, current, voltage. PWM (Pulsed Width Modulation) reduce neither the voltage or current, it reduces the averaged voltage and current by changing the amount of on time compared to off time this force is applied which will reduce the average power but the instantaneous power is the product of the voltage x current. What is really reduced here is work. Work is average power over time. While PWM often results in control of speed, this is a result of PWM changing Work. If this is confusing review the definitions of Power and Work.