Tone dialer question!

I have UM91214b Tone dialer,

i tried this test: but it's not working.

btw abow link says use 3.59 MHz crystal but datasheet says use 3.57 MHz. i used 3.58 MHZ crystal & Speaker intend of FM Transmitter. what am i doing wrong?

answer appreciated :-)


In what way is it "not working"? That phrase covers everything from not making quite the right sound, to causing global nuclear meltdown.

yup i tried that example but it's not working! voltage 5v.

i mean if it's tone dialer it must make any sound but it's not making any sounds and i also try a led but not even blinking, any ideas ?

please post any solution.

You still haven't really told us what the problem is.

Please post:

  • Your code.
  • Your schematics.
  • Links to any datasheets for non-Arduino devices.
  • A detailed description of what should happen.
  • A detailed description of what does happen.
  • What you have tried (in detail) to date to try and make what should happen happen.

i am trying to make a tone dialer like a phone makes sound when press the buttons, so i hookup 5v to the ic with abow example and used speaker instead of transmitter to make sound (Speaker :1 wire GND ,2nd wire pin 7)

but when i press the button it's not making any sound.

but when i press the button it's not making any sound.

There's no reason why it should. If the signal is line level, appropriate for sending to the transmitter, it's not likely to be able to drive a loudspeaker directly.

ok but when i put led on pin 7, it should blink right? btw i tried a transistor between ic n speaker with 1k resistor but still now working. so what should i do to test my ic ?

ps: i tried new ic, n with datasheet's requested crystal 3.579MHz still no activity.

any ideas ???