Tone function Question

If I am planning to generate a tone function on the Arduino UNO, and send it through the UART lines to a bluetooth module so it can be transmitted through wireless communication to bluetooth car stereo speakers, is it possible? Does the tone function need to be digitized first?

The tone() function delivers a digital signal (Square Wave) and to the Arduino pin of your choice. See

Yes, analog thru the UART won’t get very far.
Maybe a transmitter like these

Thanks for your reply. How do you connect one of these transmitters to our microcontroller?

Take your output signal, divide it in half (0-2.5V) with a 10K trimpot, then run it thru a 10uF cap so the output is +/- 1.25V, feed that and Gnd into the transmitter. If it sounds distorted, turn it down some.

What i meant to ask was, where would I actually insert the output the arduino into the transmitter, exactly? Since there is only a audio jack and USB port available on the transceiver.