tone() not recognized

I'm trying to play around with the toneMelody example off the site, but every time I Verify the sketch it says:

"error: 'tone' was not declared in this scope"

what exactly does that mean?

Without seeing your sketch? Who knows? Well, it isn't complaining about not being able to find the include file, so either you have no "#include", or the one you have is incorrect, or you're spelled something wrong, or...

Also, the Tone library that was a separate download for Arduino 17 was incorporated into the Arduino 18 package. So, knowing which version of the Arduino IDE you are using, on what operating system, would be helpful.

HA! I have Arduino 17, meaning I don't have the tone library. I think I can fix it from here. Thanks a lot for your input guys.

Sorry to push this old one up again..

I'm using Arduino 21, and tried to do something with tone() but I always get "'tone' was not declared in this scope"

I also tried some of the examples none of them working, all the same error... :-(

And that 'something' was...?

just to use this function ;-)

But I thing I see whats wrong here....

I'm using a Sanguino board and there seems to be something missing... When I use my other board (a Arduino Uno) everything works fine...