too frequent Serial.print() calls == locking up?

Debugging my project I put in Serial.print(etc) to determine the state of things. I find sometimes that if I don't also put in delay(n), the Arduino will freeze up and stop responding.

At least I am attributing this "locking up" to too many/frequent Serial calls. Does this seem a likely culprit? My expectation was that it would just overwrite any thing that was already in the buffer.

Is there a way to increase the serial buffer size or is this a chip limit.


Does this seem a likely culprit?

No, but in the absence of any other evidence, who can say?

Is there a way to increase the serial buffer size

The serial buffer is limited only by RAM size (if you modify the library) but the buffer is only for the receiver, so will not affect prints.

Post your code - we're not psychic.

Writing to a serial port is a blocking activity, so there is no buffer. The Serial object simply waits until the serial port is free then writes the next character.

It is possible the problem lies on the receiving end. What are you using to read the serial data? It could be that that program is locking up which makes you think the Arduino is locking up.

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Thanks all. Seems like my problem is on the receiving end - too much data coming in too quickly.