Too many groups

Does anybody else think that there are waaaay too many groups or categories in this forum? I would like to follow more of the discussions going on in this forum, but it is really tedious to navigate between the dozens of groups, especially when using a mobile phone which I have been using lately a lot for net surfing.

I understand that we need different groups for topics like hardware and software issues, but do we really need separate groups for Displays, Motors, Mechanics, and Power, Sensors, etc. Too many groups makes this forum extremely inefficient to follow.

I seldom go through posts via the groups to read posts, but rather use the "unread posts" button in the upper right hand section. Only if originating a post do I navigate to a specific groups section. I also set an option when this new forum software was first started up to list post responses with latest on top rather then added to bottom of subject thread.


rather use the "unread posts" button in the upper right hand section.

Likewise, it means having to skip a lot of threads in other languages but I think it's the easiest thing to do.


It has been noticed by several, but the majority seems to like it this way. It has the advantage that slightly more specialised subject (f.ex. Local Group Meetings) with their own forum do not get drowned in the traffic heavy subjects.

Well I use the same way but I also look at some groups when I have been a way from the forum for some time. I find them useful as I don't bother looking in those goups that I have little interest / experience in.