Too many sketches, and unable to see them all.

I have a LOT of sketches for all my projects, and most have multiple versions that do different things. I noticed that if I try to go to a sketch that is higher in the alphabet, I cant see it on my screen in the side menu. However I can still go to it with my arrow keys; I cant see them, but they are there. Well after much frustration, I found out that the side menu, to my sketches actually goes past my taskbar. O_o

Can this be changed to show all my sketches on my desktop, and not go past my taskbar. Simular to the program menu in "START", where if you have too many programs, it moves the menu over and shows the rest of them.

Same here. I've just given up on the list and browse to what I want from File:Open. I wonder if eried's version has that resolved. I see stanleyhuang has a version out now also.

This is surely a trick post or a troll.

But if it isn't, all you need do is organise the sketches into folders, just like you would with any other collection of files, thereby shortening the column. Needless to say, the first folder you should make is one called "archive", closely followed by one called "junk". You may even find they are the only folders you actually need.

I first posted to say I didn't think the IDE could display nested sketches via the sketch menu, but when I tried it did!

But still I tend to use the file/open method instead of the sketch menu method to select existing sketches.