Too Much Current?

Hi, I hope someone can help please.

I have a project which uses an LCD screen via an I2C backpack and a single relay module.
Together, they use 132mA of current.

Would this be OK to run from a 12v supply or would i have to supply the relay module separately?

Thanks in advance for any help.

132mA is pretty close to the max current that the 5V regulator can supply while keeping power dissipation under the recommended 1W dissipation for the regulator (1W / 7V dropped* = 143mA max). *7V dropped = 12V supply - 5V regulated. That leaves you with little supply overhead and the regulator may run hot.

Thanks for the speedy reply GroundFungus.

I thought the heat might be a problem.

I need to power a 12v gas solenoid and if possible, I didn't want to have a second power supply for the arduino.

It looks like I may have to though.

Thanks again.

A buck converter like this is pretty cheap, can be set to 5V and is very efficient.