Too much power draw from an Arduino problem

I am simply thinking of buying this LED controller with remote & 5 meter string so that I can get up and running quickly. However I would like to do it with and Arduino so I have more control over the array. HOWEVER these RGB strings require 5A @ 12V and the Arduino can't do that. Any suggestions? TY Arduino community.

Hi, you need power transistors to drive the big LED strings from Arduino.

Example: (See the schematic there if you want to build your own)..

Also, "Motor Drivers" are really multi-channel power drivers and can drive LEDs...

See "Arduino POWER" on the Arduino-Info WIKI here:

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Thanks... However excuse my ignorance but I'm wondering how this would be wired to a 5m string. Would each color R, G & B get connected to the individual channels while sharing a ground? Sorry, my electronics class was 15 years ago...

What's the point of buying the remote transmitter and controller box if you are planning on controlling the strings from the arduino?

From the picture of the controller box, it looks like the connector may have 3x 12V,2A out and 1 common ground. So if you're going to put your own circuit in place of that, you need 3 decent P-channel MOSFETs to provide the 12V connection under PWM control for brightness control, fading, color mixing etc.