Tool / Addon / "Plugin" for search through errormessages

Hi Everybody,

I'm a quite heavy user of Autohotkey which you can download from here

Autohotkey is a Scripting-Tool that enables automation of almost anything.
This script here works this way:

If a compiler-error occured click on the "copy error messags" button
which will copy all the compiler-output into the clipboard.

Then you can press shift-Alt-e and autohotkey will

  • open notepad.exe
  • paste the clipboard-content into the new empty file
  • activate search
  • type in ": error:" into the search textbox
  • activate continue search at beginning
  • find first occurence of ": error:
  • pop away the searchwindow

This script is application-selective through the if-condition
#ifwinactive ahk_class SunAwtFrame
Only if the arduino-IDE-window has the focus the script gets executed

SetTitleMatchMode 2
#ifwinactive ahk_class SunAwtFrame     ;Shift-Ctrle Arduino-Error-Messages
  Run "C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe" ; you may have to adapt this path
  WinWaitActive notepad.exe , , 0.5
  Send ^v   
  sleep 50
  Send ^f
  sleep 10
  ControlFocus Edit1
  sleep 10
  Send : error:
  sleep 10
  Send !m     ;activate at end continue search at begin 
  sleep 10
  Send {Enter}
  sleep 10
  Send {Esc}  ; pop away searchwindow

best regards Stefan

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