tool pack everything together that is needed to compile to a zip-file

trying to compile other users code posted in the forum can be a lot of work if you have to install additional libraries.

Does there exist a tool that scans the sourcecode which files are #include packs really everything together into a single ZIP-file which will then work the following way:

Download and unzip the ZIP-file into any folder open the *.INO-file with Arduino-IDE click compile/upload and it will successfully compile because everything - really everything - is stored into exactly this folder so the compiler has access to it and can compile immediately?

I know central storage of libraries makes it easier to maintain them but you have to eventually update them anyway and sometimes proprietary libraries are used that are not even available on GitHub so for a quick compile and test this would save a lot of manual work.

Does there exist such a tool. Or if not - what do you think about it?

best regards Stefan

I think it is a great idea, but it's hard enough to get them to use auto-format or code tags.

I also like the idea but the main problem I see is that different people use different combinations of libraries for different projects and may tailor the sketch to suit a particular task.
Given that aspect many things would not work OOB and would still need changes.

Most of the github repos contain examples so you often have a good start with basics from there.

It would be a nice side option though for use in the forum where we often have to chase multiple links as the OP cannot remember where they got the library from or is using outdated versions etc.
"Here is what I have" lock stock and barrel !

Should be pretty easy; the ide comes up with almost the complete list of files that you’d need to zip. The hard part would be doing a new sketch dir format designed to hold all the decompressed files without stepping on already installed libraries.