tools.avrdude.config.path ignored for programmers supplied w/IDE for uploads

Does anyone know what’s going on here?

In my cores, I set the avrdude.conf path in platform.txt using this line:


When I do this, it uses this path when doing ‘Burn Bootloader’, and it uses this path if my boards.txt entry includes an upload.protocol parameter (and hence is being uploaded to using bootloader).

But if I have a programmer supplied with the IDE selected, and choose upload using programmer, or click upload on a board that doesn’t have an upload.protocol parameter (and hence is using the selected ISP programmer), it will insist on using the avrdude.conf included with the IDE, and choke because that avrdude.conf doesn’t support the parts in question.

If I use a programmer included with a third party core, (any programmer), it will always use the correct path (ie, the one in platform.txt for that core).

Does anyone know a better way to work around this than to include duplicates of the common programmers with one of my cores so that they’ll use the correct avrdude.conf?

Unfortunately, in the third party hardware spec documentation, platform.txt is “TODO”…