tools > port is grayed out. windows 10, Arduino 1.6.9

I've searched this topic, but most of the threads were old or were relating a different OS.

I'm using Adafruit Circuit Playground, I've installed all the drivers, and installed the correct board in the boards manager.

Artuino says "Board at COM1 is not available"
and windows says my board is at Port_#0002.Hub_#0003
when I try "get board info" it tells me to "Please select a port to obtain board info"
but tools>port is grayed out.

I'm completely new to this. I've searched for answers and have tried all the fixes I found.

at this point I don't know what to search for, so I'm turning to the forums.
thank you for any help.

I bought a brand new HP laptop, and fired it up to use for Arduino, and ran into the same problem, so it sits on the scrap heap because of Windows 10.