Tools->Ports greyed out, and unable to upload scatches


I have been working with Arduino Uno for the past couple of days and have have been able to upload and run scatches up until today.

Today Tools->Ports got greyed out and I cannot upload to the board.

The last things I did before it all broke: Ran this:

void setup() {



void loop() {

// read the value on analog pin p0 int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);

// print the value of the sensor Serial.println(sensorValue);

// wait delay(500); }

I spent the last 3 hours reviewing all kinds of forums trying to see what I can do to fix this. 1) I re-installed Arduino IDE a number of times. Re-booted the machine several times. 2) I used to be able to find Arduino under Device Manager -> Ports, but after I uninstalled it from there, I can no longer see it in Device Manager -> Ports - even after re-installing the IDE

Please help.

OS: win 10