Tools> Serial Port- Grayed Out

I need help.. I try uploading a Sketch, then it says "COM1 Not Found" so I go to Tools and all the choices are regular except Serial Port. I tried to redownload the IDE after uninstalling it. PLEASE HELP I am really unhappy with the Arduino IDE.... :astonished:

Version of IDE ? What operting system? Windows, Linux ? Version ?

Windows 8.1 I justinstalled the newest version of the IDE

With your arduino UNPLUGGED open the IDE and look at the list of coms ports. Now plug in the Arduino and look at the list of coms ports again. The new one is the correct one for your arduino. It will NOt be com1.


I have the same problem. Even with the Arduino unplugged, the Serial Port continues to be grayed out.

Found this on youtube to correct the problem in Windows 8